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hi....i'm 25 years old & have had acne for what seems like forever. not super bad, but enough to make me feel awful. i have the little bumps all over my forehead & i get big suckers on my cheeks & chin. and i think that each year that goes by it just gets worse. unfortunatly for me, i also have eczema & extremely sensitive skin. pretty much all of the topical meds my derm put me on gave me crazy eczema on my face. and the ones that dont irritate me dont seem to help at all. i've also taken the antibiotic pills & all they did was give me yeast! the only thing i've been using for about the last 6 months is cleocin lotion and i really dont think it does anything for me. i know that you build resistance to it after a while & i've been on & off of it for years. she kept telling me that going on the pill might not be a bad idea. so 2 months ago my gyn put me on estrostep fe. i'm just wondering if anyone else has taken this route. if so, how long does it take to see an improvement? i feel like its not helping at all, but i keep telling myself that it probably just takes time. i'm having some unpleasant side effects on this pill & was considering switching but before i do i figured i'd see if anyone else is in the same boat as me...

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