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How do you know what type of acne that you have? I have had acne for about 11 years now but of course it has gotten better over time but still have problems. Also I wonder why there is one area on the side of my face that will break out bad and then will clear up really good and then come right back again in the same area and all of the time. Has anyone ever expereinced anything like that???
[QUOTE=miloface]Yeah I get that especially round my chin, jawline and neck area. They start to go away and another one comes or they go away for a while then come back in exactly the same place and sometimes once it goes away it leaves a mark. Weird :)[/QUOTE]

If they are painful and deep at first, start as red bump and get big under skin, then form a little whitehead. These are usually cysts. And if you pop them, they release this clear stuff for a little while, then scab in days. If you pick these scabs you get indented scars, and also you usually get recurring cysts in the same spot and around it.

Inflamed pimples are whiteheads that have redness around them. These are called pimples or zits.

Then there are just whiteheads, that aren't inflamed they are just puss filled,

Now all of these shouldn't be picked, popped or squeezed. Its hard to walk around with a whitehead on your face i know. My thing was, "its easier to go in public with a red spot, rather than a whitehead."

Although this kind of makes you feel better going out, this is causing TONS of harm. You are probably female, so your acne is probably due to hormones mainly. But you wouldn't beleive the amount of people with acne well past their hormone days.

This is due to them constantly popping, squeezing, picking, over washing, and using harsh products on their faces. (ie. astringents, over night on the spot treatments, 10% bp)

Although these sound like they are what our faces need, this is false. These are all to make money, the acne market is HUGE!

Best thing to do is pretend you don't have acne, and wash face like you did before you had acne. Wash 2 times daily with a mild soap that is non-comedegenic (won't clog pores). Aveeno SA bar is awesome, along with Clearasil Acne Bar.

The acne bar has bacteria killing properties, probably benzoil peroxide. Aveeno has salacylic acid, which clears pores by gently exfoliating. So with these you are getting exfoliation along with deep cleaning. I lather one in each hand then mix and wash. This has been nothing but help for me for a year. My acne is now gone, thanks to doxycycline and clindamycin gel.

However i still use these soaps too.

Stop popping, and wash 2 times a day, and leave your face alone the rest of the day. Read my post, "ACNE HELP FOR YOU", search for has many many tips that i guarantee will improve your skin, and maybe eliminate it.

Good Luck

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