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Re: Cysts-Help!
Apr 7, 2005
I know exactly how you feel...I never once had a small pimple on my was always covered with cysts...4 or 5 at a time...I've had them my temples, nose, chin, cheek, back and chest....what i always did was used a hot wash cloth...the hottest u can stand because bacteria likes the warmth and it will bring it to a head. It's really hard to find ways to ease the pain because they are very painful in general...Have you tried to use some sort of anti bacterial face wash? Anti bacterial stuff has always helped me....I ended up going on Accutane and it got rid of them...I definatally agree with the other posters not to put anything on them that will dry them out because it will make them look worse and with it drying them out will make them more uncomfortable. Just try not to stress about them...I know it's easier said then done...but just give it time and if you have to if you use the hot wash cloth and it comes to a head pop it a little bit to relieve some of the pain and swelling caused from it to help you out a little bit...They are hard to get rid of and they do heal SLOW...I hope that they feel better for you and I hope they go down...Good Luck to you...::hugs:: :angel:

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