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Re: FAO dfwgoodguy
Apr 7, 2005
Hey, actually the post in "ACNE HELP FOR YOU". There is no quick fix for acne, unless you find a good antibiotic a derm prescribes. But even then, if you pick/pop what pimples you do get, you continue the cycle.

Its a hard process, mentally its gonna be a huge challenge.

Let me give you a little bit about me. In a nutshell, my acne was cystic, and inflamed pimples, every morning. Well after years with acne, i found cheese, especically melted to give me cysts 4 days later. Then i found peanut butter to be even worse than that. So i gave up melted cheese and peanut butter, and also tv dinners, loaded with sodium and hydrogenated oils.

So after a month or so my cysts where gone. However since i was popping every pimple i got, (a few every morning, or one a morning) i was continuing the cycle of inflamed pimples and some cysts. Well let me tell you i was a pro at popping pimples, lol, no blood only the crap inside. Well doing this got me less severe acne (no cysts), however i continued to get inflamed pimples. (whiteheads with redness around them, and they hurt).

Anyways, my cysts stopped, and my acne was getting a little better. (by following the things i wrote about not overwashing face, cutting food related, etc)

Now down to it, i finally took the advice to not pop pimples. Well let me tell you, that month was horrible. At one time i had 5 active whiteheads that got pretty big. Going to work, grocery, public....let me tell you...its hard as hell. You see everyone looking at your face, and if you talk to people, they look around at your pimples and not your eyes. (the moronic people anyways).

That is the hardest part of this, the first month, its a mental struggle. Because you can ease your pain by just popping the pimple. (my thought process was, id rather have a red spot on my face than a whitehead)

Well i fought the fight, i just remembered this will end one day, and shopping, let people stare, you'll most likely never see them again, so let em talk, make comments, stare, whatever. Blow it off. (yes it sounds easy, but you have to fight through it)

After a month, my acne toned down a lot, i would get a minor pimple everyonce and a while, but most my "pimples" where just little whiteheads that had no inflammation and stayed small, and died fast. You just have to fight the compulsion and the mental part of acne.

I tell you now, i don't even remember those hard days, weeks, months, years with acne. Although i know they have made me stronger mentally, and i see and understand things about myself and people that i wouldn't have without acne. I take acne as a maturing, learning experience, although people tell me im weird for that, its made me control myself and my thoughts a TON.

Anways, will power is key, not only did i finally stop popping, i started working out, and eating right...i lost 65 lbs and gained a lot of muscle. I did this before my acne was gone, knowing that..the muscles, and the sexy :P me will be here when the acne is gone. Don't let acne hold you back, live with acne and your life day by day. Its easier, and you can have more control, if you get stuck thinking about next week, or your face next month..or in a year...its a lot to bare. Day by day, try not to pop, thats really all i can say...its all mental, i promise people will not remember your face once your acne is gone. Just live with it temporarily..

The saying..."Out of sight, out of mind" is completely true. Once your acne is gone, you'll forget all those hard times you had, and every other person will not remember that month you had 5 whiteheads on your face.

You also gotta learn to understand people. People who feel bad about themselves, will do what they can to make you feel as bad or worse than them. Take the high road, keeping positive thoughts EVERY DAY and a positive attitude with life will get you where you need to be. I could ramble all day, and i usually do to every reply. Good day by day, and its only temporary, people without acne will NEVER understand the **** we go through in our minds. Control the negative, replace with positive and you'll be a monster mentally...

lol...again good luck...stop looking the mirror so damn much too..cause i know you and everyone else does...and 3 inches away from it too...people don't get that close, so you don't need to. :wave:

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