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hey, well i have used it a long time ago and it helped for like a few days but then it didnt help but made me get little pimples. My boyfriend used the toner and the lotion and he likes it alot. As for jess and britney using it, well...I dont think anyone would want to buy it because of britney because her skin is bad...and jess stated that her derm. put her on accutane so I think she just did the commercials to get money (which is false advertisment and pretty lame on her part). We all have different opinions on it, but im not recommending it from my point of view.
Exactly, if you have bad acne, I would not even bother with proactive. If you have good skin and just want to use it for a maintence program it will probably be just what you are looking for, as for Jessica and Britney, Jessica took accutane, and Britney's skin is not looking all that great lately. I wouldn't base my decision on buying this product on a celebrity endorsement, because they are getting big money to promote the product. Don't believe anything you see on tv, and only half of what you read!
NO...DO NOT USE IT! it is just benzoyl peroxide which you can buy over the counter for a much cheaper price. I used it and it didn NOTHING. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. as for jessica simpson, there is such a thing as truth in advertising, so my best bet is that she was on accutane, which cleared her up, and now just uses proactiv since she is already clear. it was NOT the proactiv that cleared her DO NOT buy it.
So I'm kind of getting mixed opinions. Do we all agree that it will not help you if you have acne, but will help give you nicer skin once you are clear? I'm asking because I just finished up an 18 week cycle of accutane and am considering using proactive to stay clear and or improve my complection now that I am clear.
This is what happened to me I used proactiv for over a year and my skin was clear I stopped and broke out so bad last august and I am still breaking out my advice to you is if you start it do not stop using it even the girl who sells it in the mall told me that I just started using it again but I am still broken out I just want my skin clear again.[/QUOTE]

Thanks... I haven't used it yet so I'm not too worried about it. I just finished up my accutane cycle so I was just trying to figure out what to do to stay clear. It looks like proactiv's probably not the way to go.
How was your accutane expierence I am supposed to start it but I am nervous was your acne mild or cystic and did you have a bad initial breakout from the accutane? Also did it totally clear u and how long did it take? Thanks

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