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Hi I am new to signing up on this board but have always looked here trying to find a way to cure my acne. I am a licensed esthetitian and have always been embarrassed to work in skincare because my acne was so bad. I had a boyfriend (who I dumped) that was very embarrassed of my face. He never had acne so he didn't understand. After I got a little older my acne varied. It cleared up sometimes but always came back. Then I got on here one day and someone mentioned milk thistle worked well for acne. I had always taken a lot of vitamins for my acne and they always helped, but I got tired of taking 20 pills a day. I started taking milk thistle, only 3 a day and my acne cleared. I am taking the GNC brand. They actually make 2 kinds. The bottles look the same but they are not. They make a small bottle and a bigger bottle. I have bought both and the smaller bottle always works better. I think because it has olive oil in it, which is very good for your skin. The bigger bottle doesn't. The smaller bottle has 30 capsules in it and the pills are green, the bigger bottle has 90 capsules and the pills are brown. When I was using the bigger bottle with the brown pills they didn't clear my skin half as good as the green pills. Then when I started with the green pills again, my skin cleared up. Even during my period my skin stays clear, which is a miracle for me. Back in November my skin was so bad. My jawline was literally covered in big zits and someone even asked it I was contagious. It was so embarrassing. Now I hardly wear makeup anymore. I hope this helps someone. And I hope my post was understandable. If you have any questions please let me know. I have been studying the skin for many years now and I know a lot about it. But no matter what I could never clear my skin. Now I am definitely going to try to find a job as a esthetitian. ;)
35 and had acne for 20 years now. It comes and go over the years. But had the worst kind of breakout 5 months ago - never ever had I experienced such a horrific breakout. Taking a liver detox pill for 3 months (with milk thistle/dandelion/burdock) made my acne even worst - opposite the reaction what the earlier post. So, I stopped and immediately saw a derm who put me on DOXYCYLINE and DALACIN. Within 1 month, my acne was cleared 100% and I have remain clear (I get some zits during that time of the month but they go away pretty fast). I stopped taking Doxy for a month now and touch wood, have remain clear still. I use Dalacin from time to time when I have zits. I continued to drink about 3 lts of water at least, loads of fruits and vege, exercise at least 20 mins 3 to 4 times a day. I also have chemical peels and micro derm for my scars now. All in all, I think it has help speed up the recovery process. I AM happy with how my skin has recovered. I am now working on getting rid of my red marks and smoothing out my rolling scars faster.

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