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I had struggled with acne since i was 15 (am 20 now). Finally in January after trying every OTC from Murad's complex, proactiv, neutrogena, clean and clear stuff,........ I went to my physician for a derm's referral. he said he could treat it and gave me differin gel and a minocycline prescription. In the next 8 weeks my acne got MUCH WORSE. Disturbed by this, I went to a derm who said that the differin wasn't strong enough for me and prescribed Retin A micro (lower concentration(. Within 6 weeks of using Retin A my acne was totally gone. Now for the last 2 months, I have not had a single pimple which is obviously a huge difference from having 2-3 on my face at any moment.
Now I am also using a glycolic cleanser which has really softened my skin and helped with texture. Although everyone has told me there is no way that I need anythign else done, I am getting microderm done (first session with my aesthetician at the derm's office) this Monday! I am excited.
I had tried every single type of product and now I wish I had just gone to a derm much sooner especially since i Have insurance, my retin a costs me only my copay which is SOOOO much cheaper than some of the OTC products I bought (murad - 50, proactiv - 35,...) that didn't even work. The advice I would give is to go to a derm. They have the proven, strong stuff. Also secondly I must say that acne is not really caused by foods. Certain foods can cause hormone levels to increase which can cause acne but it doesn't have a very stong effect. I used to think that caffeine (in cokes, chocolate, etc) caused my acne so I stopped consuming it for a yr. For the last few months, I have been having as much of it as I want w/o a single pimple.
Good luck to everyone

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