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I'm currently 19 years old, but I feel like I had acne forever. My face is clear now and the red marks are only visible up close, but nobody's face is perfectly clear of blemishes. I had acne from the age of 14 to 17, and it was terrible. It was not like I went from a mild case of acne to severe; I pretty much went to severe overnight. Acne hit my face hard, but mostly my self-esteem. I went from being the popular jock, ladies man, to a depressed kid with acne. I'm just now starting to recover.In my days of acne , I was very depressed and deprived myself of everything. I would try all the tips and methods offered on this site but to no avail. I tried all the acne diets, but they're all bs and a waste of time. Unless you're truly allergic to a specific type food, it won't irritate your skin. I used to think that my diet was the culprit, but when I was on Accutane, I was able to eat anything and not breakout. That experience alone showed me there was no correlation between acne and diet, or at least in my case. I even avoided the sun and became very pale, and I would advise you all not to do it. I've been tanning gradually for the past month, and I must say, the sun has an incredible effect on the skin. My skin looks so good now, and the red marks are blended in with the rest of my skin. We all know that when a whitehead is exposed to air or the sun it becomes oxidized and turns into a blackhead, so a little sun is necessary. If you have very oily skin, carrying blotting sheets or tissue is a must.

Now down to the important stuff. I've tried many doctor prescribed medications and OTC drugs, but a lot of it was worthless. I was on Tetracycline, and it's a powerful, effective drug, but does nothing for your everyday pimples, only effective against cysts and deep infected bumps. I've tried Retin-A micro twice. The first time I tried was before I went onto Accutane and it did nothing but further irritate my skin. My second time on it was effective, I guess. I had already taken Accutane, and I was prescribed Retin-A micro to help fade the red marks. I went through a myriad of OTC soaps, creams, sun lotions, but they all sucked. When you go shopping for soap and things of that nature, don't buy anything that says it combats acne, because those are the worse, and does anything but help your acne. Accutane was the only drug that truly worked. I experienced dry skin, dry lips, joint pain, but it was worth it. The side-effects subsided a couple weeks after I got off Accutane. My skin is now normal --- not too dry nor is it too oily. Accutane isn't dangerous at all if you're being supervised by a good doctor and keep up with your lab tests.

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