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Question about acne
Apr 11, 2005
ok. i'm 25 and i cannot get rid of acne which is frustrating. today, for example, i didn't go to work because it's just horrible. and here is the deal.......sometimes my face is ok other times it's not, and i really don't know what is the cause of my acne. the bigest problem is alcohol. but again a week ago i drank alot of hard alcohol and my face looked ok with few spots here and there.......but this week i drank just alittle and here it is all in red spots that itch and the skin is very dry and oily. it's not the pimples that i am concerned about, it the redness of some sort. it's on my scalp, on the sides near ears, around nose area, and under the chin. for years now acne has been a huge problem for me. i don't go swimming with my friends, and don't really travel, and i cannot even drink alcohol without getting a **** face the next day.

here is a picture of the type of redness that i get. it usually gets worth. it's mostly seen in areas where hair grow and around nose.

thats the thing.....i do shave everyday, but i don't usually get that. and exactly the same irritation i get around my nose area which i don't shave. it's not just the redness.......sometimes something comes out from pores (i guess) and it covers this red area and when soap, water, or anything gets on this, it really becomes irritated (thats why i never swim with my friends, keep telling that i hate swimming). even if my face is ok, after taking a shower its completely different and so dry that you can see dead skin peeling off in places.

and yeah, when i do have that type of acne (redness), shaving really irritates it. but again, it's not from shaving.

ps. years ago, i just had the scalp issue (can take care of it most of the time now), then i noticed redness on the sides of the face, close to eyes and hair, then nose, and then other parts, above lips, chin, under chin.......

i do have bad face skin, i know that and others know that and it really effects my's ok from time to time if i just take showers in the evening, but once in a while it just pops up and stays on my face for as long as 3-7 days.

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