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Yeah, you'll want to stear clear of the bran flakes, they will be copious with sugar i expect, and a no no, you'll want to limit/avoid gluten.

Best food for breakfast would be oats. Look for whole oats, not flakes, you might be able to find wheat and gluten free oats if your lucky, if not, just look for good quality oats which shouldnt contain much wheat/gluten.

Other good food tips-
Pure rice milk not dairy or soy.
Sweet potatoes not white.
Limit cooked red meat to a minimum (once a week maybe)
Try and eat as much of your food raw
Aim for about 4 portions of fruit and seven veggies p/day
Avoid all refined/processed foods*

*this is a biggy.
Arock??? Were you drunk when you posted that message? ...The whole point of
combating acne with diet is that you dont need any medication.

Kizmatica, eating for your skin is not easy, but it can be done. Musts include,
No dairy
No heat treated cooking oils
No refined foods/processed
Minimal grains- (wholemeal grains do have their benefits but they are very insulinotrophic)
No gluten
5> veggies p/day
4 fruits p/day
Reduce intake of cooked meat to maybe 2/3 servings p/week (ideally raw fish)

This wil get you results, but you cant afford to stray from this, unleast not until your clear. When your clear you can start to reintroduce some foods, but that wont be for atleast a month, depending on how fast you intergrate the above steps.

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