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Hi everyone!

I have responded to many Jane Iredale posts over the past several months. I have been using the pressed base for almost a year and feel it is the best foundation I have ever used. I hate that heavy make-up look (and feel) and the JI makes me look like I am not wearing make-up.

From a number of your posts I notice the shine/shimmer is a concern. I also experienced this when I first started using the JI pressed base. I think it takes a little practice to apply it and not look super shiny and "reflective". After a year of use, I think I have gotten the application down to a point where I have more of a healthy glow than a shiny look. For what it's worth this is what I have found makes the application easier and very natural looking. After I shower or wash my face, I apply moisturizer. I let that absorb completely. Since the JI tends to really "stick" to moisturizer, I use a dusting of loose powder (I'm using Maybelline Shine Free right now) to ensure I have a dry, even surface to apply the JI to. I have acne scars (hyperpigmentation) and use a q-tip to apply the JI to cover these first. I then use a brush to apply the JI to the rest of my face. The coverage is excellent and I have more of a dewy glow than the unnatural looking shine.

I think it is really important to use a brush rather than the sponge applicator that comes with. From what I have read, pressing the JI into the skin as you do with the sponge causes the shiny look. Also, the more you apply, the shinier you will look which is why I use a q-tip to cover the problem areas first. You can always go back after applying to your whole face and use the q-tip for additional coverage or touch ups.

I'm not sure the Handi brush is necessary. I use a regular large powder brush and it works fine for me. I always apply from the outside of my jawline in towards the center of my face and then blend into the cheek area since I need heavier coverage near my jawline where the scars are. I only dip the brush three times, once for my forehead and once for each jawline/cheek. If I apply any more that this my skin looks too shiny.

I recommended the Skin Deep III site to someone (Emmanuel or lemongrass) a couple months ago and they seem to have the best prices on the net and also offer free samples. The color swatches on the JI site and also on Skin Deep are much darker than the actual product. It really is best to try samples first so that you don't waste money on the wrong color. I am fair in the winter and tan easily in the summer so I use warm sienna in the winter and golden glow when I have a tan.

The pressed base is supposed to be best for oily skin and also less shiny. By the way, tocopheryl is vitamin E and to my knowledge isn't comedogenic. I didn't realize this wasn't in the loose powder.

Sorry this is so long. I don't mean to sound like a know-it-all!! I have used this product for a while and know it takes a little practice to get the application right and am hopeful some of my tips may help someone else. Despite my acne and scars, I have received many compliments on my skin since I started using JI.

Best of luck to all you Jane Iredale users!!


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