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Well...3 months ago, i got those two. And ill tell you from day one i got better with clindamycin. And im sure the doxy is helping too. My face is 99-100% clear now. I use it twice a day and take 2 pills a day of doxy.

This along with not popping did the trick. You people just don't realize how much not popping helps. You go through the bad times, were your face is removing past crap that you did to your face. After one month of walking around with whiteheads on your face..your face all the sudden stop fighting you.

Then problem is, that first month is horrible for your mental wellbeing. Seeing people stare at your pimples, that some get huge, and you have like 5 active whiteheads on your face. Boy i tell you...biggest mental challenge of my life. However i fought through it, and i found the light on the other side.

You can't see it until you last the month, after the month, your face will improve more than you've ever seen it, no matter if you still have acne afterwards, it will never be like it was before. And once you go one month, you don't ever go back to popping, i swear...its so simple once you get past the first month.

I don't even remember the days, weeks, months, years, and that last month at all. My face has never been this clear is at least 5 years, now i don't even remember those days. And its only been 3

Anyways, these two meds (especially clindamycin, which worked instantly) are awesome combo's, my intestines are now bacteria free, however i am going to start taking probiotics, and an excellent one is...Probioplus DDS.

Which has L.Acidophilus, B.Longum, B.Bifidum, B.Infantis, and FOS. I don't know what this stuff is, but its good bacteria so i can't go wrong.

10 Billion count per dose, no bad bacteria can win that war against all them. :)

Good luck people, many will not take heed of the poppin/picking advice. However, if one person our of the hundreds of you would try it, id get you on my side, and we could spread the knowledge.

However, tv/radio/celebraties especially have got you fooled, telling you that your cure can be bought. And if they use it, and have a clear face you will too. Laugh, they have the best derms, laser surgury/dry ice/accutane and whatever else, us middle class people know about and can afford. And they get paid to say they use somthing they do not. And the ignorance of our youth, which are only getting worse with the help of music videos, celebrity worship, and bad parents.

Sigh...clean your intestines, replace with probiotics, wash twice a day, stop'll never be the same again....i could ramble for hours...

Good Luck, its simpler than you can imagine, it just takes time. Day by day is the best way to live, any other way and your on the wrong path.


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