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Benzamycin &avita
Apr 13, 2005
alright, so i went to my doctor hoping to have her prescribe accutane [dubbed as the only potential CURE for acne] for me, but she said i wasn't a 'candidate' for that type of medication. so, i settled for retin-a (benzamycin &avita), even though topical stuff is not what i was wanting. i have to apply the benzamycin during the day to my face, back, shoulders &chest, then wash it off before bed &apply the avita [tretinoin] to the really affected sub-areas on the areas previously mentioned. it's been eight days now, &my skin is ridiculously dry. so dry, that i can't even put on makeup during the day because my face will feel like it's burning for about a half an hour. even when i moisturize after applying the medication [during the day with spf15, at night with a light-weight moisturizer], my skin still burns. i feel like i've been sunburnt, because my skin is peeling in tiny pieces, &all of the areas that i've been applying this stuff to are red/inflamed &very very itchy. so, i ask, is this even worth continuing? is there a greater outcome to what i'm experiencing right now? i'm very cautious with my skin; i wear sunscreen religiously to avoid any irritation or skin damage &i know that any type of burning related effects can only worsen the condition of skin. so, this whole feeling like my face is on fire thing is definitely stressing me out.

please, if you've used the stuff &it worked/didn't work for you, let me know.
During the first month or 2 your skin is going to be irritated- that's normal. Are you following the instructions on your meds exactly? With Retin-A (avita), you need to make sure to wait 30 minutes after you wash your face to apply it. Also, only use a small pea-sized amount. During the day, make sure you wear a moisturizer with SPF (I like neutrogena healthy defense with SPF 30). What kind of facewash are you using? Use something gentle and non-medicated like Cetaphil. hope this helps!

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