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well, im putting palmers cocoa butter and vitamin e cream on the mark every night and im also taking my daily mulitvitamins. I'm starting to think that if by 3 months and i still have this mark then i am really screwed :(

That is also weird that you mentioned the hydrogen peroxide thing too, cause i put some on my face also that same night Then put on some tea tree oil after which was probaly my mistake..My skin did look alittle pale in that area that night too(dont know if it was from the tea tree or the peroxide.Another weird twist to this is i recall putting tea tree oil on some pimples on some other occasions but it was Never a reaction like this.
Were the pimple wounds open when you put the tea tree oil on before? I doubt the hydro did this too you as it's a mild disinfectant but more potent then witch hazel.
So it's good you're using the Vit E as that's one of the things that came up on-line. I too happen to use Palmers cocoa butter and Vit E (oil) every night. Other herbs that came up was echinacea (which you could buy a liquid form and either mix w/ a face cream or your cocoa butter or buy a cream w/ it in it) and zinc was the other thing that came up. I assume this can e found in liquid forms as well or gel tabs which you an puncture.

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