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I have been on Birth Control Pills to "help" my skin and regulate my cycle for over 1 year. I started with Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo, and was switched to regular Ortho Tri-Cyclen in January because of horrible cystic acne and mood swings. :rolleyes:

Before I started BCPs last year, my skin would always break out really bad along my chin and T-zone the week of my period. Now that I am on OTC, my skin is actually BEAUTIFUL during the week of my period! Then, as soon as I start a new pill pack, my face practically explodes with pimples! :eek: Is this because of the hormones in the pills?? Could it be an initial breakout??

I need to know if I should stick it out for the full 6 months to see results...anyone else have "fluctuating" skin on BCP??
yahgler -

Thanks for your input about OTC vs. Desogen. I might be interested in switching to a monophasic pill because of how badly my skin fluctuates every week as the hormones levels change.

Since I am away at school, I will have to wait until June for another gyno appointment. I am planning on giving OTC a shot until then to see if things get better. My skin is really bad right now, but I think it is due to the fact that I am going to start my period next week, I haven't been eating very healthy, and I am also on my 4th week of Retin-A Micro...perhaps it is an initial breakout. :rolleyes:

Crossbow -

You mentioned that birth control pills cleared you up in the past...which ones have you taken? I am just trying to keep informed about all of the possible options out there! :)

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