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Crossbow -

You mentioned that birth control pills cleared you up in the past...which ones have you taken? I am just trying to keep informed about all of the possible options out there! :)[/QUOTE]

[B]Nordette[/B] worked for several years, but then spots on my face started drying out so much that they were cracking and bleeding. (I DON'T think this is a common side effect, by the way, so I wouldn't worry about it.) my doctor said it was because Nordette was "too androgenic" and switched me to [b]Loestrin[/B], which then became [B]Microgestin[/B] - I'm not sure if the name changed or my insurance changed the brand they cover, but apparently LE and MG are the same thing. I was on those for several years, and they were OK, but lately I've been breaking out a lot more, so I asked to change again and my doctor put me on [B]Lo/Orvral[/B]. It's one that's lower in estrogen and higher in progesterone. (I have a hormone imbalance: My body produces plenty of estrogen on its own, but no progesterone.)

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