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[QUOTE=deltoro]Everything I have ever read has been inconlusive either way. Most derms will tell you they don't think it helps either way but use it if it makes you feel better. No toner has ever proven to do anything good or bad.[/QUOTE]

I agree with Deltoro's comments. I use a toner more so to remove the final traces of makeup and cleanser residue than anything else. It just makes me feel a lot better - that my skin is really skin of all those makeup stuff.

If you read Paula Begoun's comments in her "Her Beauty Bible" book on toners, she commented that if you have really oily skin, a well formulated toner (one that contains the same stuff as moisturisers) would be good for substitute for moisturiser. She also warned about using toners that contains harsh ingredients like alcohol which could make your skin even worst if you have acne.

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