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I am so frustrated right now!!! I have had moderate acne since i was 14 and I am 26 now. I have tried various antibiotics which work temporarily and then stop... Also tried Spiro. Various topicals, Obagi, etc etc... I have been breaking out horribly for the last few months again. I dont get cysts but large red pimples with gigantic whiteheads, which leave dark spots after they are gone,a nd take ages to go away...My derm prescribed Bactrim to me last week. I started it and got sick. Cant take that. Have an appointment with him next week. I dont even know what to ask for. I am too scared of accutane. Acne has managed to ruin everything for me... I am an attorney, who hasnt had a job since I graduated...There is one guy who is a contact whom I have delayed meeting because of my acne... I had a huge zit on my nose at my last interview... A friend of mine wants to come down and hang out with me for the day, but I keep putting her off cause I dont wanna show my clear skinned friend my face in daylight... I went to visit my brother on the west coast last week and broke out SO bad, and was really uninterested in meeting his friends cause my face was so bad...He thought I was being cocky, cause I didnt want to meet his friends, when in reality I just felt bad about myself!!! I hate this!! Acne makes EVERYTHING seem worse!! ANd I have a veyr pretty face without acne!! I mean, I am not even interested in having sex with my husband cause I feel so gross! And when I complain about my acne , he is like everyone has it. Big deal, you have one or two zits. Stop acting like a teenager! He doesnt get it cause HE DOESNT HAVE ACNE!!!! Yeah, one or two or three every few days, which keep leaving more dark marks and keep taking away my confidence!!! What can I do???? I dont feel like leaving the house!!!!!

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