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I was going to start a new post, but I thought I'd check in case I could piggie back off of somebody else's post.

I love the MD Forte line! I started using it in November and have seen a huge improvement.

A little history on me:
I'm a 28 yr. old female
Suffered with acne since age 14
Tried long term antibiotic usage (regret it now)
Tried accutane when I was 18 (regret it now. The 6 months of clear skin wasn't worth it)
Tried all prescription topicals
Tried waiting to see if I'd grow out of it (I didn't)

I did discover the whole food/acne connection, and I firmly believe that eating a natural diet and avoiding processed foods will clear up your skin because it worked for me. The problem is that I cannot eat clean enough to keep my skin completely clear, altough the better I eat the better my skin is.

So, I realized that Benzoil Peroxide and Salicylic acid weren't doing much for my skin and was looking for something else that was over the counter as I lost all faith and trust in dermatologists. That's when I discovered glycolic acid.

I have been using glycolic acid products for 2 months now and my skin has improved greatly. My skin is softer, smoother, older scars are fading, my breakouts have reduced and are less severe.

This is my morning regimine:
MD Forte Glycolic Cleanser 1
MD Forte Glycolic lotion 1
Hydrating cream

My evening regimine:
MD Forte Glycolic Cleanser 2
DDF Glycolic toner
Hydrating cream

For my adult acne, this has been a godsend. Since the products are kind of expensive and harder to come by, first I went to a Sephora and asked for samples of the DDF Glycolic line. When I knew that I liked it, I went online to buy it.

I just wanted to share my experience here in case there is anybody else out there wondering whether or not glycolic acid products might help them. I hate to spend money on things that don't work, but the good thing about buying online is that a lot of times you can read feedback from other consumers. The excellent feedback is what really convinced me to try it, and I haven't regretted it. :D

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