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Adults with acne?
Apr 19, 2005
I started a thread like this some months ago, but I can't find it.

Any other adults here with acne problems? What's worked for you?

I'm 37. When I turned 19 I started birth contorl pills, and those helped a lot, but in the past few years it's been worse again. The only thing that's [B]REALLY[/B] worked was the antibiotic Augmentin, but you can't take that long term.

The following have not worked:

Benzoyl peroxide
Salicylic Acid
Alpha-Hydroxy acid
"Cetaphil" (which is just a plain old detergent, BTW)
Tea Tree Oil
Antibacterial soap

Mud and clay masques seem to help. Or at least they make me feel better. My favorite is the Mint Julep masque by Queen Helene, but almost anything seems to help at least somewhat.

The Biore brand nose strips don't improve the appearance of the skin, but I've noticed that after I use them, my nose is a lot oilier, which means it is definitely unclogging pores, even if you can't tell. The other brand names/generic brands don't work at all.

I haven't tried this Proactiv stuff, but it's basically just bensoyl peroxide and an alcohol toner. I'm guessing waste of money if benzoyl peroxide hasn't worked for me before. I'm also heard it has really bad drying effects in adults.
I just turned 38 and I still suffer with acne. I am going to start Diane 35 and use it for a couple of months then switch to another oral contraceptive and also use aldactone ( a drug that blocks the male hormones that effect the skin). My skin is really oily. I have used accutane a couple of times and it works but the acne comes back. I use all topicals. I use salicylic acid 2% by Paulas choice) then 2.5 % benzoyl peroxide in the morning, then I use the salicylic acid again with either .5 % vitamin A acid or tazorac .5% at night. This all helps but in the past few weeks my skin has been terrible. This is why I am going to try the Diane 35 again.
I totally understand where you are coming from. The more you learn about acne the better. Knowledge is power. Check out She has lots of info on skin problems. I use Paulas products even though I live in Canada. I have followed her work for years. She is so honest. I love that. You could always try just plain old milk of magnesia facial mask, not the flavoured kind, just plain. It absorbs excess oil and is disinfecting and anti-inflammatory.( it is just liquid magnesium) I find it helps.
I have had acne since I was 16, I took antibiotics for years, then took an oral contraceptive and used benzoyl peroxide to help control it. Then about 4 rounds of accutane. My skin has been worse since I have had children and have been off oral contraceptives. So I find they help. I hope that you find help. Learn all you can and you will feel much more in control and active in your future treatment.
Best of Luck, L.
I did the antibiotic thing too - six months of Erythromicin (sp?). Plus I've been on antibiotics for 5 cases of strep throat and various infections (I trap feral cats; I'm always in with some infected scrape or scratch or bite). Only Augmentin has ever affected my skin.

One thing I don't think I've tried is using both Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid together. I'm trying that starting today. BO in the morning and SA at night. We'll see if that works.

I will also look into the Milk of Magnesium mask idea.
[B]Update on me:[/B] For two days I've been using a benzoyl peroxide cleanser in the morning and salicylic acid cleanser in the evening and an alpha hydroxy cream at night. I know it's too early to actually be seeing results, but I FEEL a lot better about my skin right now, and there have been no new pimples.

[QUOTE=findingmyway67]I cut out bread, except for the occasional burger or whole wheat toast. I used to have it every day. I cut out milk/dairy except for a splash in my coffee in the morning. My biggest change was the cuting out the junk food. I have a huge sweet tooth, and since my weight wasn't too much of an issue (Ok I've had 4 kids, so I had maybe 10 lbs. to lose,) I would have candy/cakes, ice cream, nachos. SOMETHING junky every day! No more pasta either.

Although I'm saying cut out, I guess I really mean cut down drastically. I love pasta, but I'll have it once every 2 weeks, instead of a couple times a week. The same with pizza, sweets, etc.


Iíve already cut out all wheat and oat products because they upset my digestive system. Iím TRYING to cut down on sweets. Itís easy when Iím at home, but when Iím at work I crave sweets all day!

[QUOTE=Iadinae]I'm 32 and have had acne since I was a teenager. I started Proactive in January and my face has been perfectly clear since the 6 week mark I did experience an initial clearing followed by a breakout around 3-4 weeks. Then my face totally cleared and has stayed that way. I personally would recomend it. Benzoyl peroxide did not work as well for me in various doses from the derm. I think the combo of things in Proactive along with me being so diligent with the regimen has helped me tremendously.[/QUOTE]

Good to know. I havenít heard a lot about Proactiv from adults except that most people find it too drying.

[QUOTE=seriousperson]After years of pills, potions, creams, and lotions, when I was in my 40's a dermatologist put me on Spironolactone. It works. No more whiteheads. No more antibiotic pills or lotions.[/QUOTE]

What is this Spironolactone, anyway? Iíve never heard of it outside this board.

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