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I'm 33 (will be 34 in July). I've had acne for about 20 years and have tried numerous antibiotics, creams, gels, and Accutane (3 courses). My acne got bad when I was a teenager and was all over (mainly neck, chest, and back-REAL BAD). My face has always had what I call the "normal breakouts". As I've gotten older (and probably due to Accutane), my skin has gotten better, but I still needed some "help", so I started taking antibiotics again. I've always, always, always, had oily skin, but that has changed in within the past couple months. My skin is now 90% dry, but I still breakout around my period. Yes, those infamous cysts. They show up on my chin and sometimes in my eyebrows!! Yikes!! I finally stopped my antibiotics last year. I've been controlling my acne mainly with diet, and I try not to use any topicals unless it's just absolutely necessary. They seem to make my acne worse. I do use mud masks once a week. My chest, neck, and back acne has cleared up 99% thanks to a combo of supplements. B-complex (1, twice a day), Zinc (1, 25mg once a day), and saw palmetto (1, 3 times a day 160mg). That combo has gotten my chest C-L-E-A-R. It hasn't been this clear since I was on Accutane. Right now I'm looking for a good cleanser (preferrably cheap) that is good for dry skin (still got a couple of oily spots). I use jojoba oil for my moisturizer.

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