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Hi. I haven't been here in a while because my acne cleared up. In the past I used antibiotics which cleared up my skin at first then broke me out bad. I then tried acupunture and that made me worse. i tried differen gel and that made my skin dry and crepey. I tried derm & peel microdermabrasion, glycolic peel and retinol syrum and that cleared me up great but then after a while it stopped working. So I went to my derm to go back on antibiotics because I was desperate. She told me to try Clinique's acne solutions. SO I bought the foam wash that gets rid of all traces of dirt and spf cream, the antibacterial soap, toner, acne night treatment, dramatically different moisturizer, acne day barrier which protects your skin from dirt during the day, and spf cream (sorry, can't remember the exact product names) I know that's a lot of products but Clinique's prices a pretty good. the whole thing cost about $115.00. which is less than the cost of antibiotics which I need to buy every month. all these products last about 4-5 months except the moisturizer because I use a lot of it. Well, what a Godsend acne solutions is! I have been acne free for almost 6 mos! also, my skin texture is smooth and past acne marks are gone and my skin is even toned- no redness whatsoever! I know everyone's skin is different and this may not work, but I wanted to share my experience. I have hypersensitive skin and I tried every skin product at the drug store and all of then =m made my skin worse. i like Clinique because it's fragrance free and clinical. I am so happy to finally be acne free. I hope this helps someone out there looking for solutions.
I use the foam wash in the evening but only if I wore spf in the day which i sometimes don't. I don't wear make-up but if you do it gets all the make-up residue off because the antibacterial soap does not breakdown make-up or SPF that well. then I use the antibacterial soap, then the toner, then acne night treatment, then moisturizer which for some is not nessesary but I get too dry with the toner and acne night treatment. In the morning I use the antibacterial soap, then acne day shield, then spf cream , and finally moisturizer. whew! I know it sounds like a lot to put on your face but for me it's worth it.

here are the actual names of the products in the order I use them:

[B]day time[/B]
antibacterial soap
daytime shield
super city block spf 25 (oil free daily protector)
dramatically different moisturizing gel

Night time[/B]
cleansing foam (salicylic acid acne medication)
antibacterial facial soap (for acne prone skin)
Clarifying lotion 3
night treatment gel (salicylic acid acne medication)
dramatically different moisturizing gel

all of these are from the [B]acne solutions [/B] line.

all together they cost about $115 but they really last a long time because the key to these products is using a thin layer swept over face. the only product I have to buy more often is the moisturizer. I buy it about every 2-3 months. And you don't have to buy it all at once after the initiall purchase , just as you run out.

Good luck :)

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