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I've got a good amount of acne on my face, and a lot of acne scars, too. I'd really like to get rid of them. But I'm also very risk-averse, and that's not a good thing, judging from the buy-everything-until-something-works (until it stops working and you break out horribly) approach that seems to be the norm. Have no studies been conducted regarding the efficacy of various acne treatments? Has any analysis been done as to the efficacy with relation to various preconditions, like male/female, age, acne type, etc? Everyone seems to tout a different product, but every product has its own army of detractors, who swear that using that product will cause horrible breakouts. Frankly, I'm inclined to just avoid trying to treat my acne. I just can't afford to pay for something that, probabilistically, won't work. I also won't pay for something that has a reasonable chance of making my condition worse. I suppose that, in general, medical treatment works that way, but it's strange that no one's been able to come up (at least not to my knowledge) a product that virtually all of us stand up for and say "Yes! THIS is the solution!" Are the companies just fiddling with us to get our money, or is there really nothing out that anyone can actually *expect* to work?

By the way, even though I'm rambling, I am in fact looking for recommendations, so thanks to anyone who offers their opinion.

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