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i recently switched from the patch (ortho evra) to yasmin regular. what a difference! i was getting huge cysts while on the patch, which my derm and i chalked up to the initial accutane breakout as i started both at the same time. well, i switched and things got a lot better w/in a month, still i never made the connection. just about a week or two ago, tho i ran out of pills and was a few days short of payday (accutane, generic, is $5, but the pill is $40, nice insurance, eh?), so i thought i'd use the patch that i had leftover until i could get my pills. that same day a cysts, which was mostly flattened out and almost gone, started swelling up and itching like crazy- bad sign! by that night i could tell there was nothing good about to happen, took off the patch and by morning the thing had flattened right back out.

just thought i'd pass along my experience here, hopefully none of you will have to suffer through what i did, cysts bigger than quarters, with large friends attached via little subcu tunnels.

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