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I have tried some diets which are supposed to help acne, but all of them, make it really hard NOT to lose weight!

The best acne-fighting diet I have tried is the low-glycemic one. (eating foods which don't cause upsets in your blood-sugar levels) THis involves cutting out a lot of bread, cereals, pastas etc (even wholoewheat ones)

However, I am a REALLY thin :D 24-year old guy, but I have the body of a 12-year old!!! It's really hard for me to cut out pasta, bread etc and all the other triggers of acne. I need at least 3,500 calories a day not to lose weight, but find it very hard to eat that much if my carbohydrate intake is so limited.

I do eat some rye bread and some noodles. But even with these grains , you can't eat them too much. Pasta has a low-glycemic value, but a high glycemic load - so I can't eat too much of that in one go! :o

Everyone thinks I am anorexic!! Then people on here say don't eat dairy products, most nuts even meat! What does that leave me with?!!![/COLOR]


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