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I have tried some diets which are supposed to help acne, but all of them, make it really hard NOT to lose weight!

The best acne-fighting diet I have tried is the low-glycemic one. (eating foods which don't cause upsets in your blood-sugar levels) THis involves cutting out a lot of bread, cereals, pastas etc (even wholoewheat ones)

However, I am a REALLY thin :D 24-year old guy, but I have the body of a 12-year old!!! It's really hard for me to cut out pasta, bread etc and all the other triggers of acne. I need at least 3,500 calories a day not to lose weight, but find it very hard to eat that much if my carbohydrate intake is so limited.

I do eat some rye bread and some noodles. But even with these grains , you can't eat them too much. Pasta has a low-glycemic value, but a high glycemic load - so I can't eat too much of that in one go! :o

Everyone thinks I am anorexic!! Then people on here say don't eat dairy products, most nuts even meat! What does that leave me with?!!![/COLOR]

I have the same problem since I have been cutting out bread, pasta and potatoes. I lost more than 25 pounds but it seems that it benefited me. I never had a six pack in my life up until now and I consistently worked out. Seems that cutting out all that stuff benefited me but I also found a lot of substitutes. For a while I was wondering how long I could go with this diet because I was getting tired of eating the same foods. Now that I found tons of products I could eat it seems to be easy. There are breads that don't break me out at all. I've been getting the The Baker brand spelt bread which is delicious. It does cost over $3 but is worth it. I know people have said that this is on the list of grains that cause acne but it doesn't affect me. There are also many brown rice pastas available and they taste pretty good. I drink loads of Vitamin Water which has crytaline fructose in it. After researching it I found that crystaline sucrose doens't affect insulin levels as much because it breaks down slower over a longer period of time. Not sure whether this is a factor here but I have been drinking 2 or 3 daily and nothing happens. They have a bunch of flavors although I am not sure if they sell it nationwide. You can also get vegan cookies which tatse so much better than chips ahoy or any of that crap. Nana's has wheat free cookies and alternative baking has like 6 diferent kinds to choose from. They are usually sold in health food stores but here in NYC I see them in a lot of fruit markets. Brown rice seems to be Ok for me. I drank Bacardi white rum last nigth with seltzer and lime juice. Actually tastes really good so I'm stilll waiting to see if I break out. Usually I break out the next day but nothing so far. You can search for these on the internet. Hope this helps people.

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