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Hi there....well i certainly feel your pain. I'm 32 and i started having acne when i was 11...minor acne problem turned into major cycstic acne by the time i was 13.....and not only on my face but my back as well. Looking back maybe while i was still in high school i should have gone on accutane. But over the past few yrs it had become manageable....about once to three times a year i get a bad breakout and then i go to the dermatologist for cortisone shots...within 2 days the whole cyst is gone. It's not a treatment but it certainly helps...especially when you're an adult in the'a so embarrassing to have to walk around with huge zits on your face. Not to mention never wanting to go in public ina dress with an opne back or a bathing suit....always having to chosse summer clothes carefully so that my back doesn't show....what a nightmare. Even today i can't walk around in a dress that shows my back from all the scarring fromt he cysts and i still also occasionally breakout. My dermatologist is still recommending that if i want i could go on accutane but since i got married in sept 04 and we're planning on trying for a baby soon it's not a good idea.

I've ready a lot of mixed reviews about accutane but i think looking back i would have given it a try in case it really does work for me. I have to mention that although im definitely not trying to advertise a product here because it has worked for some and not others, i started using Proactiv 5 yrs ago and it has been good for me. Within 1 month my horrible back breakout cleared up and in a very gentle dry, itchy, peeling skin. You may want to try something like that before trying accutane.

I certainyl wish you all the best. I know how difficult this is. Keep us posted on your progress. :)

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