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Okay this is gona be a long one so get comfy :)

First...Don't give up... I know it may feel like you have tried everything but trust me you haven't

A little more info from you would be helpful...

Could you please define what you mean by cystic acne.
I have a couple of cysts along my jawline at the moment but I actually don't mind them because they are not visible, I only know they are there because I can feel them when I wash and moisturise, they were only painful for one day max and they are already starting to shrink in size after just a few days...
Are yours like these or are they the horrible monsters I used to get which start forming underneath a few weeks before they actually rise to the surface as a big red bump and then they just sit there for another few weeks before they finally slowly start going down?

On average how many cysts do you have at one time?

Do you also have other forms of acne, whiteheads or pustules?

Is oil production a major contributing factor for your acne (is this why your taking B5?) or is dryness/lack of oil a bigger problem for you?

I managed to get 95% clear overall and 100% clear of cysts by using
1) a gentle non-medicated cleanser for sensitive skin (Burts Bees Wild lettuce Complexion Soap)
2) Salycylic Acid/ Beta Hydroxy Acid 2% (Oxy Wipes maximum strength)
3) Alpha Hydroxy Acid (Neutrogena Healthy Skin Lotion)
4) Benzoyl Peroxide (Oxy 5%)

However, this seemed to be only a temporary solution for me and I started to break out again especially after my supply of Burts Bees ran out and I tried to use Dove as a substitute = worst breakout in years

Now I am having very good results using a gentle regime that incorporates no acne targeted products at all

1) cleanse with warm water
2) apply aloe vera to acne affected areas
3) moisturise (at the moment I'm using Clean and Clear's Morning Glow)

1) Cleanse with Cetaphil Gentle
2) Apply diluted Apple Cider Vinegar
3) Apply Aloe Vera Gel (Fruit of the Earth 100%)
4) Moisturise with Jojoba Oil
5) Spot treat with Aloe Vera Gel

2-3 times a week = Exfoliate (St Ives medicated Apricot Scrub)
I find that the Aloe Vera really dries up my pimples fast but they tend to form a crusty bump (I haven't read about anyone else getting this so it could just be me) but they seem to come away pretty easily with a warm shower and exfoliation, and don't seem to cause any icepick scarring/indents.
Sometimes I also just rub my face vigourously with the tips of my fingers during cleansing to get rid of any dead skin build up around healing spots

At the moment I have 3 healing pimples (pustules) and the two cysts that I mentioned before. 2 weeks ago I had 15-20 pimples so I'm very happy with the progress I have made.

Last of all message boards like this are your best weapon so start reading!

Hope some of this helped... I wish you all the best of luck :wave:

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