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Hi guys. This is my first post in over a year(I posted several years ago under a different name). Anyway, I have a permanent bump in my cheek, and a couple along my chin. I went to a dermatologist and he said they were cysts. He gave me Differin, which I've been using for months with no success. I've had these My dermtaologist says that they don't look that bad on the surface, but when he touches them it feels like a HUGE bump. There's no head, I can't pop it at all, and there's no redness either.

Has anyone gotten these? I'm very worried they might be permanent.
I definately had those horrid cysts like you mentioned when I had the horrific breakout about 7 months ago all along my jawline. Plus mine was painful and it was hard as a pebble and HUGE! I was put on Doxy and Differin and within 1 month, they just went away leaving very little mark at all which was great. I was doing gycolic peels at the time of my breakout as well.

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