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i decided to give proactiv a try. theres a stand in the mall that i work at and they have the 60-day guarantee, so i said what the hell. when ive been through everything (accutane 3 times) and i still couldnt control the acne, i had nothing to lose

barely a week later and all the embarassing redness on my face/neck is gone! also, alot of my scars have smoothed out! yes, it dries my face out, but everything does...however the repairing lotion and moisture included covers it up well

ive truely never been so impressed by the results of ANY acne treatment in the 7 years ive had acne. from diferin to retin-a (and retin-a micro) to OTC soaps to antibiotics and even 3 treatments of accutane...nothing resulted as well as this system

i got the 6 piece thing which includes the basic 3 things, and also the oil control, moisture w/ spf, and the mask. ive heard of people saying it doesnt work, but apparently they dont follow through with it EXACTLY as instructed and apparently they go cheap and dont go all out and buy it all- people ive talked to who said it works ALL went all out and bought it all and did it EXACTLY as instructed- dont overuse it, dont underuse it...only under use it if need be.

btw- i have cystic acne- and theyre BIG nasty infected guess is from ingrown hairs (as its mainly on my neck/cheeks). all the swelling has gone down since i started using it. i also had ALOT of redness/scars which was the most embarassing part of it all...all gone within a week

so if you have alot of redness/scars and most of ur acne is gone and you've tried everything- DEFINATELY give proactiv a shot. you have nothign to lose. you'll think- "why didnt i try this in the first place?!"

i have a friend thats been telling me for years to just use proactiv and now hes saying, "i told you so" for the past week everyday

also- i cant say how it does on actual acne, but when it comes to male faces with acne caused by facial hair, it should work. if you have scars/redness- it should work too. dont know how it is in getting rid of acne, but for repairing damaged skin from scars and whatnot, its amazing

pdiddy and venessa and jessica are definately right :)

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