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a derm was telling me that it all depends on how well your skin does w/ benzoyl peroxide...when i first started getting acne, it came on strong and BP did nothing...i didnt try it again till a few weeks ago when i got the clearasil ultra w/ 10% was actually getting rid of pimples fast

i was also using glycolic acid facial treatments (md forte) back a few years ago during/after my 1st accutane treatment...i was left w/ no redness and scars...another one of my friends used another glycolic acid treatment and got rid of 90% of his scars (which were worse than mine).

im guessing that the BP has been keeping away the new pimples from forming on me and the glycolic acid of proactiv is whats gunna get rid of my scars...which is my main goal with acne has never been as bad as it was when i was at my peak in it, so i just wanna get rid of the scars, then i can worry bout just controlling the smaller pimples for another year or so till i outgrow it...yes, it will go away with time for father had the exact same type of acne that went away when he was ~21, 22 and as did my one on my moms side ever had acne once, so chances are itll act the same way

plus i wanna get rid of the scars ASAP before i get too old for them to heal quicker

only acne i gotta worry bout now is the stuff on my that all this hair on my body has slowly come in at slow phases spread out at almost a decade...cuz thats when/where i get the acne- where my skin starts gettin new pubic hair that it didnt have before

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