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[QUOTE=PinkGrape]I did, and I was positive that something would show up, nothing did. That being said, switching to Yasmin as a birth control pill and spironolactone has cleared me up.[/QUOTE]

What hormones did they check? I know that I went through and others have to where these endocrinologists or even a regular doctor dont' neccessarily check your body for the hormones & enzymes that show up in certain hormonal disorders that DO have acne as a symptom. That's pretty frustrating or disappointing to someone that is sure that they have problem.

However, IF you are already taking any medication that messes with your hormones, birth control, especially Diane-34/Dianette and Yasmin, or spironolactone, it is quite possible that you will show up as "normal". Therefore basically what you are doing is finding out how effective hormonally those drugs are at controlling your acne (which you can see on your face). So a GOOD endocrinologist will then tell you that you must cease ALL such medication, for 2 - 3 months in order to get your hormones back to it's normal level. This is called a [B]Baseline[/B] and its the only way you can find out what's REALLY going on with your body. In fact, if you are taking vitamins or herbs for acne or you think it might mess things up, stop taking those too. Unfortunately even some medications for depression can positively affect your acne and....I guess going of off those for 3 months may not be wise, but that should be taken into account by your endocrinologist.

Now, in order to see an Endocrinologist they do require a Referral, easy just go to your doctor or gynecologist and ask for one. Heck if you are in college you can ask for a referral from your school's physician. As for having preliminary blood work, well usually they do that, but I suppose other's do things differently. If thats the case, do a search and see if you can find any hormone tests that I've posted. I did do this once or twice and if you can't find them, later on I'll repost it. In the mean time, a very thorough Endocrinologist will test you based upon your symptoms as well as any health or hormonal problems that your family has so you should find out their health/hormonal history.

As a quick summary, these hormones out of whack can cause acne as a symptom:

Adrenal Hormones - NCCAH/LOCAH, Addisons's Disease, Cushing's Syndrome - deal with either too much cortisol or too little cortisol and may be a result of a tumor or 1 of 5 enzyme defects. As a result the body can end up producing too much androgens or inflammatory products and thus, acne.

Thyroid Hormones - Hyperthyroid (usually what the assume is wrong when someone that is underweight or nomal weight comes in. most popular to be tested). Hypothyroid (usually more associated with acne & overweight than the above and you will find some members of this board have it). There's a few others that are extremes of Hypothyroidism, but basically it can decrease your body's ability for binding Free Testosterone and increase your Inflammatory products, thus acne.

Androgen Hormones - Well aside from what I mentioned above, your ovaries or can produce too much androgens and/or your adrenal glands can produce too much androgens (DHEA) and this can of course lead to acne for some people (usually the fuel/cause of acne). This is known as Hyperandrogenism, but it can be caused by a various hormonal or health problems or a tumor.

Insulin - this is a hormone that is used to help shuttle glucose/sugar and fat into cells. In abundance, for various reasons such as Insulin Resistance or a tumor of the pancreas, this can increase our production of Androgens.

There's a few more, but I've gotta run for now. HTH

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