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Milk thistle
Apr 28, 2005
ok well im sorry for flooding the forum recently but i been reading about milk thistle and was wondering if it would help with my acne on my back and chest and my face also but i really need somethin to clear my back and chest. any of u take milk thistle and notice good results on your body as well as your face? i do have i would say kinda severe acne on my back i also read that it helps moisten the skin which woulkd be very very good for me as i have very dry skin does anyone or has anyone used this?
Re: Milk thistle
Apr 29, 2005
I went to a health foods store to ask about milk thistle, and a nutritionist suggested a tea: "Celestial Seasonings Wellness Tea Detox AM". It contains Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root, Red Clover, & Echinacea. It's Vanilla flavored and really tasty if you like tea. She said it helps to cleanse the liver, which can have a major effect on skin. I've only been drinking it for a week, but my skin has been doing a little better (especially this being the week of my period). Of course, this isn't the only reason my skin has calmed down. I think I just have the type of stubborn acne where I have to do ten different things to make it better, but I think this could contribute to the improvement. It's definitely worth a shot, plus detoxing your liver seems like a good idea in general.
Re: Milk thistle
Apr 29, 2005
I have to say that I think it could be the milk thistle that is clearing me up.

I was eating quite well but was still not clearing up, then I started taking milk thistle and starting clearing up, now i've fallen off the wagan a bit and am still clear.

I don't know if its the milk thistle or if my acne era is over.

But, good luck. Oh, and when doing anything, it will take a couple of months before you notice a difference.

Actually, my skin is less dry also. Its strange and I dont' know why. The milk thistel is the only thing I'm doing different.

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