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Hello all,

I just visited my dermatologist today and he's recommending that I be put on accutane. He told me that normally he wouldn't recommend it to someone like me since I don't really suffer from severe acne, but rather because my acne is persistent and will not go away. I've seriously been on just about every single drug you can think of and nothing has really worked long term and effectively.

The only reason why I'm not really into this idea too much is because I don't suffer from acne that bad. I have minor acne, but just enough to seriously harm my self-esteem. I'm an 18 year old male and I wear concealer every single day. That's ridiculous, considering that the blemishes that I'm concealing are hardly noticeable. I feel unconfident, ugly, and stupid with acne on my face, regardless of how little or small the acne is.

That's all the more reason for getting on accutane, but is it worth it for someone like me? I have minor acne, I have sensitive skin and I know my skin is going to dry out like crazy because of summer and accutane. I mean I normally have dry flaky skin in general. I've heard so much about an initial outbreak that I'm just reluctant to even try it.

So my questions are:
1) Do you think I should try accutane?
2) If I do try accutane, how badly do you think my skin will dry up?
3) How long does the initial outbreak of acne last, if there is any outbreak at all?

That's basically it. I'm just reluctant and afraid to start this. Give me some advice here please.
Hi if you have any doubts I wouldn't take accutane. If you acne is not severe I think it is unethical for your derm to even recommend it to you. You are still young, and I am guessing you will grow out of it, most people do and like you said it really isn't that bad. I fought long and hard not to have to take accutane, but just to0 much could not be undone for me and I am older than you (28) if you have minor acne, a few changes in diet and perhaps a skin vitamin or another supplement would do the trick. I would think long and hard before I said yes, and just remember, the expecation of being 100 percent clear in my mind is a little crazy, we are after all humans. Things happen in our bodies. It is a very harsh treatment, you would dry out badly and the intial breakout differs for each person but anywhere from one to two weeks, but consider that some people have the intial breakout the full course of their treatment.You can always reconsider accutane if your condition worsens in a year or two, but like I said you will probably grow out of it. just my two cents
I had very bad acne all over my face and in jan 2002 i started taking Accutane for about 6 months.No depression,only DRY SKIN!

The zits came back 3months ago and now i'm on Differein and my derm is gonna see if it works,so in 6 weeks if it doesn't i'm back on accutane.

Think about it,see what your options are and do a lot of research!

THE ACNE will come back

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