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Oh you poor sweetie

I have never had severe body acne but I do know what it is like to have to walk around with a face full and I mean FULL of pimples...not much fun to say the least.

To me it sounds like you need to give your skin some time to calm down and i don't know find its balance. Whether that "balance" be no new pimples every day or 10 new pimples everyday. Your skin has been through hell lately I think it just needs a bit of TLC before you start thinking about different courses of treatment, acne treating topicals, continuing antibiotics, diet, accutane.

But since you are already on antibiotics it might be best to stick with them for a while longer. The last thing your skin needs is another dramatic change.

Recently my skin began to break out severely again after a happy two years of so of being mostly clear with a few mild breakouts every so often. This was because I was no longer able to find two of my staple skincare products in Australia (Burts Bees Wild Lettuce Soap and Neutrogena Healthy Skin Lotion) and was forced to try and find substitutes with disastrous results. I'm talking 20+ pimples with at least 5 new ones everyday (not the worst state my skin has been in but bad enough)

But lately I am having very good results with a fairly gentle regime that uses almost no acne-medicated products. I now have 2 pustules on my left cheek (and one healing that I picked, as my name suggests I have a problem with this ;) ) and a few papules around my chin and cheeks (but I don't really mind these little guys... it's the big pus filled monsters I loathe) Not perfect but it's a huge improvement on where I was two months ago.

I'm still tweaking my regime but it might be worth you taking a look at

Cleanse with warm water
Spot treat with Aloe Vera Gel (Fruit of the Earth 100%)

Cleanse with gentle (non acne-medicated) cleanser (twice if I have makeup on)
Apply Apple Cider Vinegar Solution (1 part ACV 2 or 3 parts Water = 1:2 or 1:3)
Apply Aloe Vera Gel all over affected Areas
Spot Treat with Aloe Vera Gel

1-2 times a week with St Ives Medicated Apricot Scrub

Also since your taking antibiotics it might be worth while looking at things like liver cleansing supplements (Milk Thistle etc) and also probiotic supplements or drinks (to help replenish the good natural bacteria in your digestive system that antibiotics kill off)

Well good luck...Information is your greatest weapon and boards like these contain alot of genuinely helpful advice.

Try and be patient (yes I know how hard this is) and keep your hopes up

All the Best :)

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