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hi i posted before but hadn't had the internet awhile. whats been going on now is making me so depressed. i have been on many things for acne (moderate) mostly stuff from my fam. doctor. Different antibiotics, creams, different birth control pills, and i guess it(my acne) was where i could live with it part of the time. i am now in my mid 20's. i stopped taking BCP about 6 months ago because they didn't seem to be helping and i don't like to take to many unecessary pills. i was doing fine a few months besides my picking problem, and even started doing better with that because i wasn't gettin many pimples, then within the past month or so, i started breaking out bad, real bad, i was trying to wait it out, but it kept getting worse. so i went to the DR. and he gave me Doxycycline, but 2 days later i had to start taking prednisone for poison ivy (which i found out the other day makes you break out). i have been staying on the Doxy too, and was done with the prednisone 3 days ago. i am still taking the Doxy and even took double my dose last nite. my skin keeps getting worse!! everyday i get like 10 to 20 more pimples and not just my face, on my back and chest too. i am now at the point that i am worse than ever in my life. i went to the DR. again today and she just wants to put me back on BCPs! because of my insurance, its very hard to get to the derm. i went one time and was so disapointed because he just gave me more antibiotics which i told him weren't even working anymore!! i don't know why they keep going back to stuff that didn't work for me! i don't know what to do because i don't know where this awful breakout came from!! nothing has really changed i can think of as far as diet, sleeping schedule, other meds., ect. and as far as stress goes, my life is always been stressful, and if anything its been better lately because i am done school and in an internship which i really enjoy. but it is very hard to show my face anywhere in public because of this acne, and worst of all my internship is at a dermatologists office!! i was actually wondering why they even let me work there, i might scare the patients away!!! i also don't know the DR.s or other workers there well enough to be comfortable bringin this up, also i am there to work, not to get them to help me like that, so i feel it would be inapropriate too. I am just so depressed and scared because everyday my skin gets worse, and its already so bad, litterally i am covered on my face, neck, chest and back with millions of bumps and pimples! i feel like i want to hide in my house forever. but i don't want to lose my internship, or stay away from everyone forever, i feel like i have to. why would this happen in my mid 20's anyone know?? i am sorry this is so long. but i really need to talk to someone!

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