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hi realsad. my acne started in earnest when i was 22, and for no apparent reason. this is common, and becoming more so. sounds like what you need (in my no way a professional opinion) is accutane, and the medical coverage to pay for it. if you can make an appointment with the derm that you intern for, you won't feel so much like you look like you're looking for a handout, and see what he/she has to say about it. i've also heard that there are other drugs that are effective, like spirolactin. i'd also look into a good bcp, like yasmin, or one of the ortho brands. i used ortho novum 7-7-7 with a good result for many years. the patch, ortho evra, was super bad on my skin, i'm now using yasmin, which has been very uneventful.

you're breaking out because of a hormone shift, most likely, combined with some other factors, stress, diet, lack of sleep, genetic predisposition. cut out the caffeine, sugar and dairy, see if that helps. for other dietary advice look up sweetjade on this board, she's the guru on that sort of thing. also, prednisone doesn't break you out, although over time it may cause you to gain weight. i've been prescribed predinsone to help get very severe breakouts under control, am on it right now, in fact. so that's not it. i know you're frusterated. you need the advice of a skin professional, and have what sounds like a wonderful and convenient resource, you really should try to get over your pain and embarrassment and seek some help for yourself. you would do it for someone you love, right? love yourself, help yourself, and keep checking in here, there are so many others who have experienced what you are going through, and most of us are in various stages of treating it.

there's good support here. keep us posted, okay? take care, ali

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