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That was not me. I have always advocated that diet probably does not contribute to acne. I have experimented myself with diet and found that if I changed my diet (becoming a vegetarian) my acne became worse. So that is my story.


I don't think I grew out of it. I am 34 years old and started breaking out when I was 32 years old. I think it was a combination of my hormones changing. It is common for women in their 20's and 30's to start breaking out. All the research points to a change in hormones during this time.[/QUOTE]

Kittikat & RealSad,
When I first came to this board, diet was never anything that I would have suggested to someone as I hadn't found the results I was looking for based on the "acne food myths". Of course, while that later changed, initially I came to this board because I realized a lot people were talking about acne and none of them seemed to have found their answer. Since the age of 13 or 14 I have been pushing HARD for answers. I got acne when I was 10 and it got worse spreading all over my body by age 11 and while in middle school I did dabble with holistic treatments. I did eliminate soda and chocolate candy for 10 years of my life (I still do now) and during that time, I NEVER saw results. However I never looked down on it, just moved on and because of my symptoms I knew and my dermatologist said that I have a hormonal disoder. So, I pretty much spent my high school years and beyond trying to figure out, "OK, what hormonal disorder do I have?"

It took several doctors and 3 endocrinologists, before I found my answer and that was because some weren't as knowledgable as others or my hospital wouldn't do all the testing I needed from an outside doctor. So my diagnosis was delayed. After doing all the research that I have done these past few years, I try not to think about it often, IF they had been knowledable and IF they had taken me seriously, and IF they understood how the body worked, and based on the studies the evidence had been around since the early 1960s or 1970s, things would have been different for myself as well as many others acneic individuals, but in particular women. Granted men can get messed up to from a hormonal imbalance, it's usually women that show the most physical signs of a problem.

So when I first came here, I was all about encouraging people to get tested. Get those hormones checked by an endocrinologist and you won't have to worry, doubt God (or whoever you do or don't believe in), be depressed, fail school, avoid friends, or go broke. It just doesn't make sense to me. I had the medical care I took advantage of it. I knew this wasn't normal and I continually fought. When I got my diagnosis (almost 4 years ago), I was so happy because I thought that pill was going to take care of everything. LOL, it didn't and I didn't understand at that time why I should still follow some type of "low carb" diet when I have been trying to gain weight all of my life ;) That's when I started reading in acne boards, PCOS boards, Insulin Resistance boards and I found my answer. I tried it and I went really strict, compared to others, and it worked for me. So for almost 3 years now (I'm 24), I've been medication free, and 99% clear and I can reverse this at any time. Since my goal is to eliminate it all, obviously I've still gotta do something, but compared to what BC, Spironolactone, Avandia gave me, this is the BEST deal I've got yet!

All I really do when I come on these boards is offer whatever knowledge I have. You said you broke out when you went Vegetarian Kittikat, yup I've run into others that have said the same thing. Well based on what I know, the way that I diet, and other do it makes sense that a vegetarian diet can cause acne in some people because they are eating foods that the rest of us are avoiding. Also based on whether someone is susceptible to hypothyroidism or is just eating too much soy and/or raw vegetables of a certain type, this can cause thyroid problems, and thus can have acne as a symptom.

I know you both said your acne happened all of sudden, but it looks like it could be for 2 different reasons. There are hormonal disorders that happen in your 20s. It just takes that long for your body to finally say..."I've had enough" Sometimes they are diet based, tumor based, toxin based, etc. There are so many hormonal disorders and if that's a concern for you Realsad, definately see an endocrinologist. You can also do a search on this board to see what other's have been dx with on the board. I believe we've got quite of few that are Insulin Resistant, incl. myself, PCOS, Hypothyroid, and some that have Allergies and I believe there's at least one with adrenal issues and another one with a pituitary tumor, and most of these result in Hyperandrogenism induced acne. So sometimes it can be temporary and other times it's definately something that may require something other than just an OTC or prescription topical. It could be diet, or a liver flush, or a cleanse, or perhaps simply the right skin care. However I always figured that [U]once you knew what your problem was, you could decide how you can go about treating it [/U] properly (sometimes your body makes that decision for you though).

Best wishes

P.S. Oh, there's nothing like a good (natural) skin lightener and when I used prescription topicals, RetinA and Azelex were my FAVORITES!

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