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cocoa butter has never made me break out and i had severe acne....
i was even beggining to get pock marks on my skin...

u have to stop picking ur skin...lop on the cocoa butter and dont touch!

it does wonders and is onyl a $1.50

here is my personal testimonial:

Its true! I had severe acne throughout all 4 years of highschool and I was desperate for a solution. I had tried Proactive..which just dried out my skin and made my whole face more irritated, red and made me breaj out more....i tried oxy pads, clearasil...and none of it worked...on top of skin was starting to scar...I had so much anxiety over my skin day, I dont know y, maybe out of defiance towards my skin :D , I decided to lop on cocoa butter all over my face....I was SURE it would make my skin oily and would make me break out again...but I was willing to try nething. I am not kidding you, the next morning this $1.50 product, which is ALL natural 100% cocoa butter cleared up a lot of my redness and made some of the many bumps dissapear on my skin. I am not going to sit here and say it completely cleared up overnight, because it didnt...but I have a very noticable difference the very first night...and i used it for the next 4 months evry night after I washed my face and woke up evry morning afterwards with my skin get progressively better...and even was making the scars dissappear...i started getting pocks on my face (not too attractive) and the cocoa butter made them dissapear within a month.

Try it...there is really nothing to loose...u can buy cocoa butter at any CVS, or rite aide for $1.50
I know you will be pleasantly surprised....

and a little advise, when u put it on after u wash ur face...dont touch your face! dont rub off the cocoa butter!!!! just leave it lopped on your face, it will look oily and feel weird at first but it smells great and is so good for your skin..even pregnant women use it for the strech u tell me ;)

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