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Should I use cetaphil moisturizer with benzaclin cause it drys me out a bit but I am still breaking out its been like 1 week on the benzaclin and 2 months on the minocycline mabey I should try without the moisturizer and c if the dry skin will work better clearing me up than the moisturizer that I rub on my face 10 mins after I apply benzaclin what do you think? Either way I am going to not use moisturizer on my face tonight and see the results in the morning the cetaphil moisturizer I belive makes my face kinda red and is mabey the reason my skin itchs I dunno we'll see tommorrow if I break out worse than I have been I'll go back to the moisturizer but if not then I'm just not gona use the moisturizer! :wave:
If your skin is dry you need to use moisturizer or else you're skin will produce more pore clogging oil on it's own. But wait at least 30 minutes after applying the BP before applying anything on top so that the BP can penetrate properly.

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