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:eek: I had it many times on my cheek for a raised scar tissue. EMM It works to make it go flatter. BUT :rolleyes: It left me with discolored skin, Discolored as it the skin lightens turns white. The skin color may or may not return to normal. For me after 1 year the color returned SOME and I am LIGHT LIGHT skin. It is usually not recommended for dark skin if you are going to do it in a large for noticable area. :blob_fire So where goes the BIG problem I had My derma must be really busy and doesnt care of notice it but he injected 5 shots around my scar when they were suppose to be within the scar. SO you know what .................:mad: He Make HUGE indented lumped in 1 inch line around my entire cheek.... HOW COULD HE HAVE MISSED RIGHT??????!?!?? Not 1 shot hit the right area.. And so normal skin tissue will lump in more and faster than hard scar tissue.....:eek: Then he got the nerves to tell me when I confronted him that why is the injection like half inch away from the scar tells me that is how he does it when he has given me those shots like for a year.... I hate it when people got to lie...... So conclusion the scar bump did not decrease in size yet I got a huge lumped in dent also cortisone spreads a little to areas of the face so I have a flat cheek. Besides all that the made the scar itself look more 3d because he gave shots on the side around it... Boy O Boy......... I have heard people having indented marks from the shot itself but to MISS the area being shot is crazy I even used a marker and drew it out but after the wipes it off I guess he was just guessing.........Has anyone ever had this experience before. Although I still believe in cortisone shots. If you need it get it. side effect and the time it takes for it to heal is like forever.... And I hear that sometimes the indent does not come back up if it does maybe in a half year to a year before the skin resurfaces. after 1 month in a half the dent is still there...Inch across 1/4 inch down and about 4mm deep. and that is right above my scar bump so it made matters worst.......... I have to get collagen shots to fill in my entire cheek now..... **SIGH** And I am still in need of cortison shots to correct the scar bump which when the doctor did it he made 1 bump turn into several little bumps because of the uneven injections.... worst part of all this the cheek which is a round surface is very hard to get it back to the normal round shape after it has been flatten and disfigured from cortisone.......... I have been getting advice from plastic surgeon and he recommends waiting 6 months to see if the skin comes up on its own if not collagen or fillers are my only option. Now I am very scared to go to dermatologist to get cortisone shots.. Afraid the same thing might happen. My scar has no color and is just a hard lump so now it is less bumpy makes me more scared that the doctor will not see if and guess where the shot should be,,, I tell you the first 2 weeks I was going crazy not that I am any better now...............left me with red scar needle marks which should not be there after 1 and a half month... :nono: Just sharing my experience in case someone had the same thing happen and is freaking out.. :wave: Great Message board

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