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Okay, by the end of Day 3, I have about five lumps under my skin, blotches and a cyst on my nose, all from Taz. A replay of my experinces with Retin-A. So, I'm wondering if anyone has tried using two different products at the same time. I cannot afford to have an entire face of cysts and bumps like this. My neck is even breaking out and I am extremely oily.

What do you think about me using the Taz only on my forehead as an experiment area, then using the BP and Ketsugo on the rest of my face? I would rather just forget the purging if it means months of looking this horrendous with no guarantee it will ever work, even after that time! My face wasn't that bad before and my large pores sat just fine where they were, especially if this is the trade-off.

Or, another option would be to just use the Taz on my chest and go back to my previous routine that was working, despite the oil. The oil increase and breakouts are far worse. It's all such a gamble.

The funny thing is, retinoids make my skin LOOK more broken out than it actually is. Clear areas even look spotty and broken out, even though nothing is really there, if that makes any sense. I do, however, have some seriously blogged pores now which are bulging out of my face as I write this and it is not a pretty sight.

Any suggestions?

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