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Thanks for the long reply. I swear to you jojoba doesn't do that--I was the worst skeptic ever--oil on oil? However, it has done amazing things for my skin and it is not getting clogged from it. It just makes your skin look so healthy and the tone evens out. Your skin just seems "stronger" somehow. I love it.

With no Taz for a day and a half, both of those emerging cysts have already completely gone down and disappeared--I put BHA and a heavy coat of BP on them several times yesterday and overnight. I have just one large bump on my chin from the Taz that will take a bit more effort to get rid of. I think I must be allergic to retinoids or something. I just get terrible instant breakouts when I put them on my skin.
B5 has given me no cysts. I had none until the Taz and now without it, like I said, 2 of the 3 are already gone.

I have a habit of doing patch tests before I apply anything to my entire face so I can see what the results are. Unfortunately, Taz was the only exception, though I did also do a patch test on one area of my chest that was covered in whiteheads by the next morning--and only in that one spot.

Well, I'm cutting out my product frenzy and sticking with what I like so far. I'm going to save the Clinac OC for about a month or two from now so it won't effect these other things I'm trying.

My biggest skepticism is about these initial breakout products. I've tried a lot of things over the years and l00% of the time, if they break me out right away, it just never gets any better. I used to believe in the purge phenomena so completely that I would go a year at a time on something, despite drastic declines in my skin. No more. Products that work right away or within a week or two always seem to be persistently helpful over the long haul. BP has been my buddy for over ten years now and pretty hard to beat. Now I can add jojoba to that after a couple of weeks with great results. B5 hasn't done much for the oil, but it hasn't been given a good chance under stable conditions yet, so I'm holding out on my assessment of it. My scalp oil, however, has definitely decreased, so that is a good sign. With a more calming and consistent routine, I would think that I should be noticing the same effect on my face fairly soon.

Good luck to all of you. I probably won't be posting as much now that I've pretty much discovered what I'm after, but I will try to check in periodically, especially to see how everyone else is doing!

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