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I have a scar on my leg that I'd like to get rid of, and I've read that MSM can work for this (I also plan on using one of the silicone scar sheets).

I also have acne-prone skin, and always try to be careful about what I put into my body.

Has MSM been known to cause any breakouts or anything else that might aggravate acne?

It may as it is a potent detoxifier. However it may depend on the dose. I've heard that some acne sufferers can breakout from this, but people usually associate it with a temporary detox reaction. I've also read elsewhere that if taken in large doses 3 - 8g and without enough water this can cause even people that don't break out to breakout on their face and/or body.

Personally I didn't breakout from 500mg but when I was using 3g I did break out horribly over a months time. Unfortunately I was also on an Innertalk tape that may have also messed with my hormones (despite my dietary regimen) at the SAME time (this is such a no no in experimenting) and so it could have been due to the tape and/or the high dose of MSM, but I dont know. Stopped doing both and my skin calmed down and is back to normal again.

So, does it affect your skin and how much are you taking? Also, you can always apply the MSM topically as a paste using a lotion or aloe on the scars.

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