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fhplayz, i believe all of us understand you well high school i, too, was the quintessential pimply nerd, very self-conscious and quite the loner. i found that once i got to university, i blossomed--and i think you will too. you'll find a large number of people who couldn't care less about a spotty face, and you won't find yourself navigating amidst the cliques that populate high school.

that being said, what to do about your complexion....i am assuming that you're a girl ( i apologize if you aren't) i would recommend birth control--i had luck with ortho tri cyclen and yasmin, but do be sure to talk to an MD or a nurse practitioner about this option. i'd also recommend some sort of AHA, BHA, or a retinoid to help with the red marks. these help prevent acne as well. i'm currently trying out green cream, but i've only been on it a week and so i won't recommend it just yet. tazorac did help for a while, but as of late my job has been ridiculously stressful and my face has suffered as a consequence.

as for your make-up complaints....i've been there too...i now use estee lauder's double matte foundation. it's expensive but i love it--covers up beautifully and doesn't rub off on others. would highly suggest a makeup remover with this though, as it does take considerable effort to take off.

keep your chin up, sweetie...

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