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I have had a similar experience. I'm usually a very upbeat person but since my dose was increased to 80mg/day I have gradually noticed a change in my mood. I saw my dermatologist this week & really debated whether or not to answer "yes" when she got to the checklist question about mood alterations because my skin has never looked or felt better. I did answer honestly and unfortunately she has taken me off the Accutane. I never felt suicidal, but after the increase to 80mg I had 2 episodes where I became uncharacteristically sensitive & actually cried at work, & once with a friend. I also was preferring to stay home, not exercise, etc...(very uncharacteristic for me). The frustrating thing is that Accutane has made an incredible improvement in my skin after 20 years of trying everything under, and including, the sun! I had to be honest about the mood change though--it was real although I do think it would have been worth it to feel a little down for another month if it meant my acne wouldn't come back. (Acne has certainly had a negative impact on my self-esteem for all of my adult life)! I can see why a doctor would feel it would be best to discontinue the drug if signs of depression begin. If they could keep a closer eye on their patients between visits to know that the patient is doing o.k., I think it would be o.k. to continue using it, but that usually isn't possible.
I think you should definitely tell your doctor about the change in your mood, especially since it sounds like a significant change. I work in healthcare and I'm surprised at myself that I actually debated whether or not I should just keep quiet about the mood change until the Accutane treatment was done. If patients aren't honest about side effects though, the doctors, FDA,& pharmaceutical companies won't realize there's a problem.

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