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i was thinking that too, that it would be something i was using, but i have not used anything new in a long time as far as soap or lotion or sunscreen, thats why its so frustrating, i just have no idea what brought it on. i thought maybe it was something i was eating but that also hasn't changed. its weird though i have these different bump things on my neck which my doctor told me was some kind of virus which will go away on its own but could take up to 12 weeks, these came on around the same time i thought it was acne too. i just feel like a mess, also in the last couple days i have been getting those cyst like bumps way under my skin that hurt. but they seem to fade quicker than usual. then yesterday i felt a huge itchy bump on the back of my neck right at my hairline. i itched it alot, and it doesn't itch today, but still the huge bump is there, i can't see it since its on the back of my head. sheesh this is so overwhelming:(

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