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i have had acne since i was 12. it was usually one pimple at one spot here and there. this is hard to explain but my face was not bumpy except for the scattered pimples which were red. Now i am 24, i have used all sorts of things over the years. about a 2 months ago, my face started breaking out a different way as well as my chest. there are tiny bumps everywhere. they are mostly small and flesh colored, so only seen certain lighting. but they do not go away. my face has been bumpy like this and nothing i do helps. i also have a picking problem, so this situation is making me nuts, there is not one smooth area on my face whatsoever. and i try not to touch it, but when i am showering and i wash my face i am just disgusted at the texture. has anyone here had this type of acne and did you find something that smoothed out your skin? i am so desperate, i am sure you've seen i have been posting all the time i am very upset and impatient because there is no sign of improvment. i thought some good exfiliation should help but it doesn't, and i don't do it too much cuz i don't want to irritate it. just seems when the bumps start flaring up and getting red they will heal up then more will do the same thing. not to be gross but i squeeze the crap outta the ones i can, but the stuff just comes back, its almost like my pores just keep filling up and while they are clogged like that alot of them don't change into red inflammed pimple, they just stay clogged, everytime i get the gunk out it just comes back, its so strange. can anyone relate?
Hi, I seem to have this problem too. I don't know why I get them though because I use makeup that is non-comogenic and non-acnegenic. I wear alot of makeup too but I always have. My face really isn't bad at all but the bumps are just annoying. You can't even see mine you can only feel them. I have been on the BCP Yasmin for about a month and a half and they seem to be getting alot better. My face is smoothing out. I also use Differin and Klaron and take 100mg of Doxycycline a day. It all really seems to be helping! So maybe try one of those, Good Luck! Also, DO NOT PICK YOUR FACE!!! It makes things terribly worse. :D
so sorry to hear and sorry i can't be of more help. i know how frustrating it can be not knowing what to do! i feel the same way! i just saw a plastic surgeon today about getting rid of my scars with laser resurfacing but he said my skin wasn't bad enough to get such a invasive procedure done. um, i think he's crazy my face is covered in scars. so now i just feel hopeless again! :( well i hope you find some thing that helps :)
:wave: i am sorry to hear you are having troubles too. things keep getting worse with my skin, and once this is over (if it ever is) i will also have to deal with alot of scars, but i can't even begin to do that until i get things under control. i hope you can find a solution, have you thought about a peel. there is one they do called a blue peel, becuz it makes your face blue for a day. its suposed to be real good, and there are 4 levels depending on how damaged your skin is. well take care

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