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If you have stubborn acne, Accutane is pretty much the only way to go. My story sounds a lot like yours - in highschool, my skin was pretty bad, and my mom wanted me to "try everything" before going on Accutane. Well, I did try just about everything and looking back, it was all a waste of time and A TON of money. Even my mom agrees. After seeing how well Accutane cleared me up, my mom even said she felt bad that she didnt allow me to get on it sooner. However, going on Accutane is by no means a quick or easy fix - it takes a bit of time with varying side effects. But in the end - well worth it! Also, some people on the board are probably going to slap me on the hand for this one :eek: but have you tried getting a bit of sun? Before I started getting microdermabrasion treatments for scars, I would go "tan" a bit (NOT overdoing it) whenever I felt a flare up.. its a good temporary fix, but something you shouldnt overdo or depend on. :nono: If its a nice day, try sitting outside for 30 minutes. Not only that, but sun rays will boost your mood :cool:

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