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hola! first two months of accutane, 40mg/day, severely chapped lips, dry eyes, intense, severe breakouts.

next two months, same, less intense breakouts.

last two months, 80mgs/day, severely chapped lips, esp in the corners (sometimes looks like a coldsore, so gross!), dry eyes, photosensitivity (for the first time in my life), dry, itchy skin all over, skin clearing nicely, but flaky and dry, esp around my mouth (prob b/c i'm always flapping my gums!), hair everywhere while still tons on my head (no idea what the heck that's about), dry hair, occasional achey bod, harder to recover from physical activity, prone to colds (i have a kindergartener at home) and allergies. also, i've had periodic trouble w/ triglycerides and cholesterol.

currently using olay body wash and moisturinse in shower moisturizer, both for very dry skin (bonus, they smell delish). keri, lubriderm w/ oatmeal lotions, and have just gotten lubriderm daily uv protection and (the very last bottle at target!!) jergen's natural glow daily moisturizer. also, purpose cleanser for the face, topical clindamycin phosphate, and clinique foundation.

diet has been fairly consistent, healthy, low fat, low sugar, low salt, no butter (smart balance, w/ the margarines), no hydrogenated anything, lotsa chicken, tons of veges, lotsa garlic, lotsa balsamic vinegar, mostly italian and mexican foods, i guess b/c that's all i know how to cook. beans, corn, pasta, tomatoes, herbs, garlic. oatmeal for breakfast, yogurt, fruit. no coffee, or soda, occasional 'heart smart' oj, mostly tea and water, water w/metamucil. work out 3-4x/week, on average, 20-30min cardio, 45-60min strength training w/ low weight to protect my joints. yasmin bcp, costco's multivitamin, fish oil supplements. i think that's it... good thread del, it's like yer reading my mind... deedeedeedee... *lol*

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